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Plan your Yucatan fly fishing package with Flats Addiction and experience the best fly fishing in the Yucatan. Explore a never ending variety of amazing flats, mangrove shorelines, and wide open unspoiled back country while fishing with the most experienced guides for Permit, Bonefish, Tarpon, and Snook. 

Book your Yucatan Fly Fishing. Cancun, Isla Blanca, Ascension Bay Day trips, Holbox, and more. This part of the Yucatan offers outstanding fly fishing, flats fishing, and light tackle fishing for anglers of all levels and experience.

Flats Addiction brings you over 25 years of experience in the Yucatan and offers the perfect Destination Fly Fishing trip. We will help you choose the right Yucatan destination for your fly fishing vacation package depending on your fishing preferences. Grand Slam flats are what the Yucatan is all about and you fish with the top guides at top locations to ensure you the best Yucatan fishing vacation and fly fishing packages.
Six Hot Yucatan Destinations
Ascension Bay
Isla Blanca
Cancun Fly Fishing
Cozumel Fly Fishing
Xcalak Fly Fishing
Yucatan Fly Fishing

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Ascension Bay Fly Fishing, Isla Blanca Fly Fishing, Cancun Fly Fishing,
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